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Boxes – Silent Alarm EP

8.0 10 Great

Bassist from Athlete Carey Willets must have realized his potential as he ventures out into the music scene as a solo artist with his very own four track EP entitled ‘Silent Alarm’.

Known as Boxes, this uber talented bassist exploded into the ‘indie-pop’ genre in July when he released the magnificent single ‘Throw Your Stones’. Since then he has grown himself quite a large following, which ushered him into releasing this impressive EP filled with upbeat yet touching and sometimes downright poignant songs.

We are going to boldly describe this Boxes EP as a little on the Owl City side, but without the awful vocals of Adam Young. The songs have the same electro synthesized feel to them, but they have a lot more heart wrapped up in them as opposed to the mindless drivel Owl City is known for!

Of course the Silent Alarm EP isn’t all about powerful percussions and attention grabbing synths. The track entitled ‘Don’t Look Down’ has been revamped into a peaceful acoustic track which will captivate you the whole way through from the first note to the last word.

[youtube id=”HF4CGbStLyc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you haven’t already caught the video of Silent Alarm then you are definitely in for a treat. It is a powerful take on what a man can become capable of after finding out some heartbreaking news. I won’t give away too much but the scenes are as breathtaking as the lyrics! It’s probable that every listener will be able to set the song to some event from their own life though, so you’ll probably have your own video in your head.

Carey Willet’s music definitely has an Athlete influence, but then again it’s bound to isn’t it, given the years of dedicated service he’s given to the band. With his unique talent and ever increasing army of fans, it is only a matter of time before a Boxes album is released upon the world!

Definitely a debut EP that ‘Boxes Clever’….oh come on, allow me that one will ya!

Silent Alarm is released on Monday 26th September


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