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Bury Tomorrow – Runes


An innovative new addition to the melodic metal world…

Two years after their last record release, Bury Tomorrow have reached a new high with their third metalcore album Runes. The British five-piece have adopted a heavier side, combining intense breakdowns with powerful lyrics, and Daniel Winter-Bates’ ever-improving vocals.

The album opens with the explosive Man On Fire, which is also the first single off the album. The heavy drumming at the start of the song blends into guitar streams and Winter-Bates’ dynamic screams and refrain vocals.  Shadow, A Creator follows with reinforced energy and powerful riffs. The next two tracks, The Torch and Watcher, offer compelling and innovated vocals, whilst other songs such as Darker Waters maintain the liveliness and heavy excitement of the album.

Another Journey blasts into full force, introducing impressive screams over the resounding instrumental. The soft, almost acoustic tone of Devine Breath contrasts with the rest of the album, showing the diverse musical talent of this band. This beautiful track compares to Relief from Bury Tomorrow’s 2009 album Portraits, showing improved quality in Daniel Winter-Bates’ vocals. 

Runes is an innovative new addition to the melodic metal world, pleasing for both old and new fans, and they are certainly living up to high expectations. The album is to be released on May 26, through Nuclear Blast.


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