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Naughty Boy – Hotel Cabana

6.0 10 Satisfied

Bland, inoffensive, chart music…

Shahid Khan aka Naughty Boy is clearly a talented chap.  For those of you sat reading this thinking you haven’t heard of him, I assure you, you have.  For Naughty Boy is the man responsible for producing the biggest selling album of 2012, Emeli Sandé’s ‘Our Version of Events.’  Khan has also worked with many other big names from the charts such as Wiley, Alesha Dixon and Professor Green.

Someone once told me to phrase negativity in the form of a compliments sandwich, so with this in mind we turn our attention to ‘Hotel Cabana’ his debut album.  There are some seriously chart-worthy tracks, in particular track 3, Wonder, which features the vocal talents of Emeli Sandé.  I honestly think I could drive around listening to this, even with the windows down, and/or I’d feel no shame dancing about to this after a glass of pop on a night out.  Then there is track 4, Think About it, it has all the audio output for barbeques on hot sunny days, hanging out with people that seem a little cooler and more co-ordinated than me.

Anyway, what is a compliments sandwich without some filling? Well, the good news for negativity gluttons is it turns out that there is a lot of filling to gobble. The biggest trouble with ‘Hotel Cabana’ is most of it sounds the same.  For all of Naughty Boy’s evident capabilities, the fact remains that there is nothing unique or special about this album.  There are also some terrible stinkers on this album, both of which are considered to be ‘bonus’ tracks, uh-huh, bonus.  The worst of the two is undoubtedly the cover of White Town’s, Never Be Your Woman, but it is a close run race and Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ was really only pipped at the post.

So back to the good stuff.  If I was working for HBO or wanted some music for adverts, I would be straight on the blower to Shahid Khan, his music really lends itself to television, I’d like to give track 11, No One’s Here to Sleep, featuring Bastille a big shout out here, but there are others which would work just as well.  I would also like to say that there is something to be said for this album sounding the same, I mean there are no nasty surprises. Don’t you just hate it when you buy an album based on one or two songs and it turns out the rest of the album is nothing like those tunes…

To surmise, if you like one track on here, you won’t be offended by the rest. The man’s got talent, (but not an eye for an album cover) and finally skip the two covers otherwise your ears will bleed.


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