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Ocean Colour Scene – Painting

4.0 10 OK

Ocean Colour Scene may now be on their 10th album with Painting (released 11 February) but this new album shows that the band are still masters of writing and performing well crafted rock tracks in the tradion of UK greats like the Kinks, The Small Faces and even Manfred Mann.

The opening track, We Don’t Look In The Mirror shows the band looking at the advancing years as Simon Fowler sings “We Don’t Looked in the mirror now as the face that is looking back is looked rather cracked”. The track is one of the best on the album and whilst it might be a somber way to start off the album, it will become one of the group’s standout tracks over the years.

The first half of the album is quite upbeat, title track Painting is classic Ocean Colour Scene and shows the band in an uplifting mood. Goodbye Old Town too has a melody that even the milkman could whistle!

Doodle Book recalls the bands earlier work and has a sublime guitar riff. In reality the album is full of timeless British rock and whilst the album may make references to the 60’s acts mentioned before, the band is still a force to be reckoned with. This album will keep their existing fans happy and introduce many new fans to the band. Well crafted songs in a classic tradition. Worth hearing.

The band are on tour throughout February. See tickets below.


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