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Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time

7.0 10 Good

Olly Murs - The Gig ReviewOlly Murs makes a welcome return with his 3rd album, Right Place Right Time and the album title couldn’t be more accurate. ‘I’ve worked hard in everything I’ve done, doing what’s felt right, and everything has fit into place. It sums up the sentiment for this whole album’, he said and you can’t help but agree.

Olly’s strongest point is he appeals to a wide range of listeners; his perky soul pop has massive appeal. His main downside though is how nearly all his singles are plagiarisingly close to other current songs.

Take the lead single off this album for example- Trouble Maker. It almost sounds like a carbon copy of Maroon 5s Misery and his vocals clearly imitate the singer of said band. This could go two ways, you could like Maroon 5 and therefore enjoy it because of the similarity or you could dismiss Mr Murs as being a poor mans Adam Levine.

If you’re not a nit-picker though you’ll listen and enjoy it because it’s what you expect from Olly, catchy radio friendly pop and there’s plenty more of that on this album.

What a Buzz is a charming Brimful of Ashaesqe sure fire hit as is Loud and Clear, a Coldplay flavoured (told you his songs are very ‘inspired’) ballad with an infectious chorus that would make Chris Martin proud or annoyed perhaps.

This is Ollys first proper attempt to crack the US market and with his current position supporting One Direction on their American tour he stands a very good chance.

Unfortunately the songs, as good as they are, aren’t strong enough to make a much of an impact on the Hot 100 but if he keeps working hard at it like he always does he’ll get there.

Overall you will not be disappointed if you liked his last album, there’s plenty to enjoy here.


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