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Placebo – Loud Like Live – Album Review

4.0 10 OK

Placebo LoudLikeLove sleeve sHaving recently finished their 2 year worldwide tour stopping off in 54 countries, performing in front of almost 3.5 million people and recently announcing a new 18 month long tour, somehow Placebo found the time to write and record there 7th album.

Along with the announcement of the new album, Placebo will also launch there “Loud Like Love TV” show on Monday September 16 in conjunction with Google which will include exclusive live performances and interviews with special guests.

With there last album “Battle for the sun” going to number 1 in10 countries and top 5 in 20 countries, it means this album has a lot to live up to. This certainly didn’t disappoint. The only downfall was this album was only 10 tracks long and left you wanting more at the end. However with that being said, if this had more songs on it, maybe it would take away the “didn’t skip a track” factor and it may have lacked in quality.

This album has something for everybody, from mellow tracks like “Too Many Friends” which almost seems like he’s addressing his social network fans or the people who are expecting to much from hims “too many friends/too many people/that ill never meet/and ill never be there for” to the rock driven and possibly controversial track “Rob The The bank” in which he talks about robbing different banks across the world but almost twists itself around in the second verse with the lyrics become more slapstick than they do serious.

In true Placebo fashion they didn’t disappoint. A perfect follow up to there previous albums and definately worth the 4 year wait.


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