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Rebecca Ferguson – Heaven

6.0 10 Satisfied

Despite not winning last years X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson has proved she has more than enough talent to still win the hearts of thousands. Her new album entitled ‘Heaven’, sells itself with distinctive husky singing, meaningful “real life” lyrics and a variation of style. This ultimately classy lady fully deserves the recognition she is now acquiring thanks to sneak previews of her new album and is all set for big things.

On the one hand you have smooth R&B songs such as ‘Fighting Suspicions’ and ‘Diamond To Stone’, then on the other hand you have mixes of deep soul found in songs ‘Teach Me How To Be Loved’ and ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’.  The album even throws in a few disco grooves for good measure, making it one of the most unique X Factor spawned albums of today.

Throughout the album, Rebecca often sings about the hardships of life and manages to communicate with you through solid, meaningful lyrics. This makes for a much needed change to the usual happy go lucky Cowell pop atrocities that often make their way into the charts. Rebecca’s sound feels almost like a much more soothing Macy Gray, mixed in with a little Amy Winehouse. However, she still manages to make a signature 70’s jazz sound that is easy on the ears.

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Shoulder to shoulder’ is easily an album favourite with its sweet melodies and beautiful lyrics and the fact that Rebecca wrote and co-wrote most tracks on the album shows a real talent that most X Factor prodigies seem to lack.

Rebecca sure didn’t re-invent a genre of music, but she did a very fine job of creating her stamp on it. Surely this album proves once and for all that not all talent show contestants are lacking when it comes to vocals or any other part of the music business.


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