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The Kooks – Junk Of The Heart

7.0 10 Good

Chucking in the towel and pretty much abandoning any “indie” style they once had, The Kooks new album entitled ‘Junk of the Heart’ has definitely taken a more “pop” sounding approach, leaving a few die hard fans with feelings of dismay. Though I personally wouldn’t say it is necessarily a bad thing despite what others may say! Bands often change their style of music to become less bland and monotonous. You only have to look at how successful Muse became from doing such a thing, so why should The Kooks be any different?

Utilizing the southern British voice talents of front man Luke Pritchard and combining pop sounding synthesizers casino mixed with an upbeat rhythm, transforms the band from Libertine inspired babies to actual musicians who are beginning to develop their own unique style!

The album definitely varies in style. On the one hand you have songs such as ‘Eskimo Kiss’ and ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ which have an almost Led Zepplin feel to them. Then on the other hand you have the fantastic song entitled ‘Time Above the Earth’ which is very instrumental and makes prominent use of violins and a lack of percussion in order to bring out the touching voice of Luke Pritchard and move you with its lyrics.

The only thing which I feel lets the album down is the track entitled ‘How’d You Like That’, which really could of done with a big finale to finish it off. Of course this is made up by the likes of ‘Rosie’ and the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a long time entitled ‘Petulia’.

Though ‘Junk of the Heart’ may not be to everyone’s taste, it would be hard for anyone in their right mind to disagree that The Kooks have definitely grown up since the days of ‘Naive’ and ‘She Moves in Her Own Way.


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