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The Mojo Fins – The Spirit EP

8.0 10 Great

Dim lighting, an open-mind, and The Spirit EP is enough to cast any believer or non-believer into a deep ambient reflection. Brimming with potential, The Mojo Fins deliver nothing short of an ethereal odyssey on their most recent release.

The Brighton based contemporary rock quartet emerged from their debut album The Sound That I Still Hear released in 2009 to join the UK pop-rock swimming pool. Since, The Mojo Fins have joined forces with producer Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers) to assemble The Spirit EP – a refined collection of atmosphere rock embedded in a spiritual quest for self-identity.

For those familiar to the contemporary-rock sound of The Mojo Fins, The Spirit EP may – for about 55 seconds – turn fans into skeptics. However, when the swelling croon emerges into the ‘Sweet Spirit’ refrain – the unforgettable ingenuity of The Mojo Fins is remembered. Drifting through the reverbed guitar leads and pulsing percussion kicks, the ambient curtain raiser surges through the body in a growing desire.

Traces of Bon Iver prevail at the launch of ‘Palace of Memory’, but quickly dissolve into the atmospheric vocalese of front man Stephen Brett’s harmony. Meanwhile, the acoustic fingerings on ‘K2’ serve as architecture to the abstract synth decor and accented piano chords in the background. At times, the fourth track ‘When I Go’ recalls American rock-band Switchfoot purely in it’s vocal similarity, but for the most part it falls fittingly into the distinctive ambient rock collection of The Spirit EP.

As the record wanders over and over again it becomes clear The Mojo Fins have captured their elusive sound on this record. With the assistance of Dave Eringa, Rockfield Studios, and experimental songwriting, The Mojo Fins illuminate their sonorous new sound on The Spirit EP.


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