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The Morning After – Legacy

4.0 10 OK

The UK scene is pretty short on melodic metal bands at the moment but fear not. The Morning After exist and they are brilliant. After releasing their debut album “You Can’t Hurt Steel” in 2009 and then following on to do a memorable set at Download 09 and then a Japanese tour.

Roll on to the present. After releasing their second album titled “The Legacy” they have done a UK tour with other Melodic powerhouses Neonfly,
“The Legacy” is a definitive 80′s sounding record unlike “You Can’t Hurt Steel” which felt that it had a lot more modern influences on that album. Where as this album is not all high falsetto’s and spandex though. It contains a lot of highlights, including the epic progressive pieces of “Nightmare Planet” and “Stream Of Stars”, with some modern vocals (second verse on “Into The Fire”)

The Morning After have an emphasis on not just Melody but also putting the finer points of their songs together, every drumbeat and bassline isn’t overpowering or overbearing in anyway and fights like a glove into the structures of the songs.

The guitar harmonies are tight, melodic and not the emphasis of the songs, but it’s nice they are in there.
Though the album is a little bit predictable, such as the very last chorus of “Nightmare Planet” but there are some dynamic surprises on the album, such as the acoustic track “Seasons”

It’s an album which is definitely worth giving a listen, If you like your melodic metal; fast, heavy and melodic and can cope with songs that don’t follow the normal lyrical themes. Then you will love this album.


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