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The Rifles – Freedom Run

4.0 10 OK

The Rifles still fail to disappoint even their most loyal fans with this astounding new album entitled ‘Freedom Run’ which has an element of 60’s to it and pretty much every song has the potential to become an XFM hit! From the opening and uplifting track ‘Dreamer’, right through to the much more relaxed closing track ‘Cry Baby’ you will be swept off your feet and shown what real indie rock is all about!

Songs such as the melodic piano piece ‘Love Is a Key’ and The Beatles sounding ‘Everline’ prove that these underrated London Boys have evolved into a much greater band and are on their way to success! This has also been quite clearly proven with their ever increasing following and with them selling out popular underground venues such as Brixton Academy.

Let’s admit though, The Rifles have always been destined for success, ever since their very first album release entitled ‘No Love Lost’ which showered them with fans and even gained a few likes from Manchester Gods Oasis. Now things are set to kick off big time, especially with the latest album ‘Freedom Run’ which has been produced by none other than Chris Potter himself – the man who produced albums for The Verve and even The Clash!

Though the album shows a definite sign of evolution from ‘No Love Lost’, it is blatantly evident that The Rifles have still managed to keep that all famous rough around the edges attitude which ultimately separates them from becoming the next big shiny pop band. With that being said though, you can definitely tell they have put a lot more thought into the creation of this album, making it worthy of being called a masterpiece.

So with the band themselves claiming that creating their third album feels almost like creating their very first, combined with songs packed with high energy and each as uniquely amazing as the other, it is definitely an album set to accomplish great things!


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