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Wolf Gang: Suego Faults

8.0 10 Great

Impressively Wolf Gang is a one man project devised by uni drop out Max McElligott. Just like an Empire Of The Sun or MGMT record this feel good electro pop makes great summer driving music. There’s nothing different about Wolf Gang but this can be overlooked by the strength of many of the songs on ‘Suego Faults’.

It starts off with his most well known song to date ‘Lions in cages’ which is a catchy taster of whats to come. It’s consistent pop goodness throughout with the dreamy ‘Something unusual’ and ‘King and all of his men’. If you’re a fan of those Match Of The Day synthy whooo songs you’ll like this. ‘Suego Faults’ sometimes wanders into cheesyness with tracks like ‘Midnight dancers’ and ‘Planets’ but its brief and still not worthy of skippage.

Overall this album may not be a very interesting one, it’s a radio friendly and unashamedly an imitation of Empire Of The Sun and MGMT but its packed with great tunes and to be honest there isn’t a bad song on the album. Mr McElligot, this was worth you dropping out of uni for.


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