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Holy MOTHXR! You need to hear this…


So the Rathbone bassist, No guitarist, the hippest producer in town and Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey walk into a bar…

The punchline? Possibly the freshest, achingly broody synth genius to come out of New York for a long time, in the form of Brooklyn supergroup MOTHXR. Formed in 2013, the guys have been doing the rounds stateside and now it’s good old Blighty’s turn for a piece of the action – and it seems the time can’t come soon enough.

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, look these guys up and you’ll only find three tracks to wrap your ears around – but that’s all they need to get their hooks into you. The edgy noir-esque Victim fuses drumbeats and melancholy synth with the kind of underground sax solo Sin City thrives off, but that’s nothing on recent release Easy. These guys really do let the music do the talking, with an incorporated mix of influences so broad that it’s hard to put a finger on what genre they actually fall into – all you need to know is that it’s sexy, uncomplicated, laidback and born for vinyl.

With eight dates scheduled across the UK this September, be there – or you really are missing out.



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