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Parlour Flames – Liverpool Epstein Theatre

Epstein Theatre
7.0 10 Good

Noel Gallagher has the High Flying Birds, Liam Gallagher has beardy Eye and now for Oasis rhythm guitarist Bonehead has Parlour Flames. Accompanied by Manchester Alt Pop Troubador Vinny Peculiar who is no stranger to working with Top artists from legwndary bands as he has already worked with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce from The Smiths.

The newly refurbised Epstein Theatre was the setting with support coming from Rob Vincent and Sensorites.
Firts to the stage was local folk country singer songwriter Rob Vincent.accompanied by his Acoustic guitar and an Electric Guitarist he commenced and the only word you could use would be WOW.He has been hailed the next big thing and has had his new single added to the BBC Radio 2 playlist and treated the audience to sounds from his new album Life In Easy Steps. After playing a fantastic set including Riots Cry,Demons,Life in Easy Steps and Lights and the Stars you could sense that the crowd were in oare of this incredible talent and began chanting “More”.If you ever get a chance to see Rob Vincent live i would seriously suggest going.

Next up to the stage was local Indide band Sensorites treating the crowd to a more upbeat sound and seemed a lot more comical and could in someway be compared to 90s pop/indie band Space.There stage presence was fantastic having playful banter on the stage and playing a selection of tracks including Just Because You Can and Spaceman.As great as Sensorites were however Rob Vincent was a hard act to follow.

The moment that everybody had been waiting for had arrived.Parlour Flames had graced the stage.Despite the band not releasing any songs as of yet it meant nothing as you could feel the level of excitement in the crowd.The fact that the Epstein Theatre is small in conparison to other venues it made it much more personal and with the auditorium being all seated made it feel more like a private listening party and allowed the audience to listen and take in the music rather than standing and not knowing any ofthe songs which can sometimes make people restless.

The comical elements of tracks like “Sunday Afternoon” which Vinny explains that every artist wants to write a song about a day of the week so othey decided on  the name Sunday Afternoon.Each song had a story behind it, “Im In A Band” was about the Invinsibilty of Musicians and featured Bassist switching to a Double Bass making the sound more eary to “Never Heard If You” about people in a nightclub with dillusions of former glory.After each song you could see that Vinny and the Band were generally astounded by the level of support they were getting thanking everyone after each and every song.

The evening came to an end with the crowd screaming and stomping on the floor demanding “we want more”.Despite there not being an encore there should only be one band on peoples wish list and that is Parlour Flames


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