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Sherry Counsellors – The Sugarmill, Stoke

Sugarmill, Stoke
10.0 10

From the moment ‘Egyptian Way‘ echoed out around the Sugarmill and Sherry Counsellors strode onto the stage, you knew that this was a band who knew exactly what they were doing.

Suited and booted and even Kilt-ed, the 5 lads ripped through the opening three songs with enthusiasm and vigour and barely giving the bustling crowd a moment to catch their breath. Sherry Counsellors have mastered the art of being likeable rock stars and walk that line with captivating perfection.

When the new song ‘This Could Be It!‘ had finished its almost dance-esq beat and you thought you knew what you were in for, they spring the Mexican flavoured, trumpet laden ‘As She Rides‘ and the sublime ‘Fortuna’s Fool‘ which saw vocal and instrument changes. The crowd were transfixed by what they were seeing.

The groove soon returned with ‘Daddies Girl‘ and the Stone Roses esq instrumental that followed got the crowd clapping and dancing in equal measure. The diversity kept on coming for the return of the trumpet for ‘Twisting Me Round‘ and then into rock for ‘BumBag Baby‘.

They confidently strode to the end of the set, culminating in the fan-favourite ‘Avaline‘. The crowd lapped up the sing-a-long chorus, stomping beat and exquisite guitar riffs. As the set reached its climax and the fans jumped on stage to lead the applause, the Sherry Counsellors had triumphed.

This isn’t the first time that I have seen these 5, but I am drawn to the quality and diversity of the songs that they bring. it keeps me coming back for more. I am astonished that they have not been snapped up by a record company yet!!! If you have not seen the Sherry Counsellors, then you need them in your life!

As they tell us – Sherry Counsellors are ‘Built for Stadiums’


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