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Treetop Flyers – It’s About Time

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Who would have thought that a self confessed country band would become so sensational? Praised by even the likes of The Guillemots and the awe inspiring Adele, Treetop Flyers are quickly making a name for themselves. Churning out music inspired by Irish country God Van Morrison and psychedelic folk rockers The Coral, it won’t be long until Treetop Flyers start selling out venues!

Of course it isn’t like these boys haven’t seen action already! Front man Reid Morrison once led the band Morrison Steam Fayre into winning a record of the week with BBC London. Matthew Starrit, the bassist of the band, was once hailed as a tropical punk God in the funky band Rum SheBeen! Laurie Sherman, the guitarist of the band, was once the banjo player for country/blues group known as The Barker Band. The other guitarist, Sam Beer, was once a famous unsigned solo act in London. Of course it’s drummer Tomer Danan that has seen the most action in the music industry as he used to tour regularly with The Killers and Interpol in the outfit known as Robbers on High Street.

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With the fantastic latest single release of ‘It’s About Time’ which the band recorded themselves, only more fame and glory can follow them on their path to success. Their steady rise to stardom became apparent recently as they managed to win Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent competition despite being up against some absolutely brilliant acts. They are also being played on XFM so it’s not like you can miss out on them!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of the single ‘It’s About Time‘ then I urge you to do so. It contains the b-side entitled ‘Become a Stranger’ which is so outstanding that words simply cannot describe it.

2012 will finally see the release of the first Treetop Flyers debut album so make sure you keep an eye out for them!


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