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TWO:10 – The 100 Club

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Walking into the 100 Club off Oxford Street in London, you get a sense that you’re breathing in a little piece of Rock ‘n’ Roll history. On first inspection it may appear to be just another run-down, dark and dingy basement club that could do with a splash of paint and a good spring clean, but a quick glance at the framed photos that adorn the walls and you’re soon reminded of the laundry list of musical mega stars that have passed through its doors and graced its stage. Over the past thirty-plus years, everyone who’s anyone in the music business has played this venue.

Friday night see TWO:10 make their long awaited debut in the capital. In the space of barely a year this four-piece rock band from Hertfordshire have gone from performing at acoustic open-mic nights locally to playing one of London’s most prestigious and respected music venues. Branching out onto the London gigging circuit and debuting at the 100 Club is a great achievement by anyone’s standards, but when you consider that TWO:10 comprises of four musically passionate members who are just 16 years of age, you start to appreciate how far they have come in such a short burst of time.

As they take to the stage TWO:10 waste no time in whipping their audience into a frenzy. They kick-off at a frenetic pace and the small crowd of revellers at the front of the stage grows ten-fold before they’ve made their way through the first track. One of the first things you will notice about TWO:10 is how much they enjoying performing and doing what they do – they’re not a band of moody shoe-gazers who think they are too cool for school – their passion for music is infectious and really shines through during their set.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Conor Bond addresses the crowd between songs and embraces his audience with a confidence and the maturity of someone way beyond his years. Considering how young these guys are and how tight they perform as a band it’s scary to think how much they will naturally evolve and improve in the next few years.

The band tear into ‘Red Light Lady’, which smacks of the White Stripe’s ‘Fell in Love With a Girl’ with its spikey guitar riff, and a mini-mosh pit breaks out before the stage.

Two:10 draw their set to a close with self-titled stand out track TWO:10, a very Arctic Monkeys-esque number which culminates with bassist “Curly” Dave dropping to his knees and lead guitarist Joshua Parrott leaping off the stage to play the remainder of the song from the pit and watching his own band perform before him.

If playing on stage at the 100 Club was a daunting experience for any of the members of TWO:10, it clearly didn’t show tonight as they stormed through a faultless set at a blistering pace. You can’t help but wonder if this historic building will need to clear a space on the wall in the future to accommodate a picture of this budding group who continue to grow from strength-to-strength with every gig they play.


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