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30 Seconds To Mars – The O2, London

The O2 Arena
9.0 10 Excellent

The show started with an enthusiastic performance from You Me At Six, who saw a favourable reaction from the crowd despite their sentimental lyrics and repetitive song structure. However, they did succeed in warming up the entire audience using memorable melodies and a touch of confident showmanship from front-man Josh Francesci. Some impressive guitar soloing intensified the mood in the room that carried throughout the whole night.

30 Seconds To Mars proved to be unlike any other using a perfect mix of theatricality and musicality to create a euphoric atmosphere that everyone in the o2 could share. Stunt men, confetti filled balloons, paper butterflies, and moving platforms were just the tip of the iceberg.

Front-man Jared Leto has always made extravagant entrances, and he did not disappoint, bursting into sight from behind a fallen curtain like a religious figure, sparking hysteria from the crowd. The religious theme continued throughout the night, with palms being held aloft, and spiritual lyrics in the mouths of everyone in the massive venue.

The Set started with Birth, the first track on their latest album, with thudding drums and aggressive brass, it proved to be the perfect opening number, building tension and drama, a technique 30 Seconds To Mars seemed to have a gift for. Members of the audience were pulled up onto the stage at various points during the night, to be given opportunities to introduce songs, and say hello to their loved ones.

The intense spectacle did not remain through the whole night however, as the younger Leto brother moved to the edge of the stage with an acoustic guitar to take requests, often making amusing comments, mostly on the subject of English expletives. This section is where the band could show off their variety, the acoustic renditions of Attack, Hurricane, and The Kill went down a storm, with ‘The Echelon’ singing along at the top of their lungs without missing a word.

The encore ended with the pounding Up In The Air, jubilation from the fans reached an all-time high, as 30 or 40 of them were invited up onto the stage to experience the gargantuan venue for themselves.The band’s demanding nature of crowd control, would tire out any other fan-base, but the Echelon emerged energised and pumping with adrenaline following the set. Proving that the trio are truly gifted in what they do. A force to be reckoned with, 30 Seconds To Mars could most definitely be considered as the Kings of Showmanship.


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