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Architects – Leadmill, Sheffield

9.0 10 Excellent

On Sunday 9th March, Architects played their biggest Sheffield tour date by far, which sold out in a venue holding 900 people. The day before the release of their sixth studio album Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects brought their aggressively beautiful style to the Leadmill. The British metalcore four-piece were on their 7-date tour of the UK, supported by Landscapes, Northlane, and Stray From The Path.

The gig opened with UK hardcore band Landscapes. With only one album, released in 2012, they were more unfamiliar to the crowd. Their set started slowly with little energy from the growing audience. However, they did not lose heart and continued their set as vigorously as possible.

Northlane followed with an explosive set, playing tracks from their most recent album Singularity. The Australian metalcore band quickly pumped up the crowd; pits opened up and the sea of fans were deliriously alive. Shouting back the lyrics to Aspire, it was clear to see that Northlane have a promising future in the metalcore world.

Stray From The Path stirred the audience into further ecstasy, flawlessly delivering their dynamic hardcore music with aggressive passion. The excitement of the crowd was clear with the intensity of the circle pit and the sudden swarm of crowd surfers. By this point, everyone in the room was buzzing.

Architects burst into action with Gravedigger, the first track from Lost Forever // Lost Together. Instantly recognised by the electrified fans, the lyrics“Gravedigger, there’s blood on your hands” were screamed back to Sam Carter. This shows just how much Architects have developed to become much more predominant in the metal genre, with the entity of the room infused by their music.

They played more tracks from the new album, including Naysayer,the first song to be released, Colony Collapse, and Broken Cross. The stunning energy of the crowd during these songs shows just how well received their new album is – even a day before its official release. They also played tracks from their fifth studio album Daybreaker, including the singles Alpha Omega and Devil’s Island, which were performed with raw force. The extremely popular track Follow The Water, from their third album Hollow Crown, charged the crowd into a bruised, but euphoric state. After leaving the stage, accompanied, of course, by shouts from the crowd for another song, the set was finished by a beautifully intense and heavy performance of These Colours Don’t Run.

The performance was astoundingly energetic, reflected by the collective excitement of the fans. This new album and tour highlights perfectly the growing success of Architects, backed by long-term and new fans alike.



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