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Arctic Monkeys – Hollywood Bowl

4.0 10 OK

Hollywood was blown away on the 25th of September when the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Panda Bear and even the Brooklyn electro/indie rock band TV on the Radio took to the stage!

The crowd was quickly warmed up by five absolutely fantastic tracks from the Bowie influenced Smith Westerns. Despite an album filled with dark and gloomy tracks, they decided to spruce things up with a few of their more upbeat songs such as ‘All Die Young’ and ‘Weekend’.

Quickly following up from an outstanding performance by the Smith Westerns was LA’s arty rockers Warpaint! The vocals of Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman quickly had everyone swooning as the band jammed to a luscious Hollywood sunset. Of course it was the sexy bassline in the song ‘Elephants’ which really got the crowd moving!

It was now Panda Bears turn to wow us with his psychedelic electronic music and believe me, were wowed alright! He kicked things off with the very soothing track ‘You Can Count on Me’ followed by the more uplifting ‘Tomboy’. He then continued to bless us with his unique music and was even joined by Spacemen 3’s Peter Kember which was a lovely surprise. He finished his set off with the Beachboys sounding track ‘Bros’ which everyone absolutely loved!

We all knew what was coming next and our excitement could barely be contained as Arctic Monkeys were about to grace us with their presence! They opened their 17 track set list with ‘She’s Thunderstorms’ and the crowd went mental. It was amazing to see such a small band from Sheffield given such a warm welcoming to Hollywood. Girls melted at Alex Turner’s new Elvis hairdo and men cheered as the band communicated with the audience using banter as well as fantastic and unique indie music. The highlight was of course ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ which pretty much everyone sang along to!

Finishing the night off was TV on the Radio.  Despite competing with the Arctic Monkeys they did a fantastic job of getting the audience moving! They opened with the slow moving Young Liars and continued to thrill us right up until ‘Wolf like Me’. Of course we weren’t finished with them yet and begged them to come back for one more! They then concluded the show with the upbeat track ‘Satellite’.

It was a night to remember and although Arctic Monkeys pretty much stole the night with their magical stage presence, that doesn’t mean each individual act wasn’t just as amazing as the other!


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