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Audiogold – Camden Rock

9.0 10 Excellent

With their debut album, Embers & Theories, about to be released there’s a chilled sense of anticipation awaiting Audiogold when they take to the stage at Camden Rock. The London four-piece boast an aesthetic combination of acoustic and electric guitar with a hard rock backbone, provided by the band’s sublime rhythm section, that offers up an eclectic mix of indie rock but at the same time isn’t afraid to delve into more folky waters. While they’re only third on the bill with the crowd that’s there to see them you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for headliners.

Things kick off with T-lights, a neat little opener that’s intro echoes Jeff Buckley’s Eternal Life before descending into a melodic rock giving the audience a taste of what’s to come.

By the third track, Cymbalism, the band are in full swing with lead guitarist Jonny Wanders churning out a Tom Morelloesque riff and the rest of the group following suit with full dose of hard rock, which surprisingly may be their strongest song yet.

Around the mid point comes their first single, You and I, which unlike the set so far is a lot more laid back with a sense of fun reserved for barmy summer nights like this proving one again that Audiogold are not a one trick pony and have variety of musical styles at their disposal.

As the gig draws to a close and guitar strings start to snap the crowd wouldn’t mind a little more from the four piece but can still be content with tonight’s offering and only costing a fiver to get in its impossible to feel short changed.

Finishing on a high with set closer, Burn Sunlight, Audiogold have done enough to please their regular fans as well as gain some new ones and chances are everyone at tonight’s gig will be checking out their debut record when it comes out and I recommend you do to.


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