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Beady Eye – O2 Brixton Academy

Brixton Academy
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It”s all been about Noel Lately with the release of his first solo album. Tonight was a chance for Liam to put himself firmly back in the musical spotlight as he played the only london date of the new tour.

Beady eye”s first album, Different Gear still Speeding, received mixed reviews from the media with many forming the opinion that without his mancunian brother, Liam had struggled. Tonight however, that certainly was not the case. He brought his trademark swagger on stage wearing, what was most likely, a pretty green, parker jacket. He stood lips pursed, hands held together behind his back and hunched over in the textbook stance. The band don”t have loads of hits to chose from, so for anyone who had heard the debut album, casino the set is predictable. LG owns the stage however. You can see the crowd are still mesmerised by the front man”s presence.

Beatles and Stones” and ” The Beat Goes On” stand out towards the front of the set. Liam”s vocals are not getting any easier to understand as he shouts his way through many of the songs, but some migh say (no pun intended) that”s all part of the Beady Eye charm. The crowd certainly do not seem bothered by it as many bellow the lyrics out hoping to catch the frontmans eye and get a nod of approval.

Singles “The Roller” and “Bring the Light” steal the show but they were always going to, considering it”s the most familiar to the crowd. Liam does seem more humble and appeciative than usual towards the response he receives tonight. I think he”s aware of the Noel/Liam divide and is thankfull for the loyalty. All in all a good gig that delivered everything that was expected.


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