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Bombay Bicycle Club – Barrowland, Glasgow

8.0 10 Great

London folk rock quartet, Bombay Bicycle Club, have recently made a name for themselves. Barely out of school and already they’ve already headlined at the V Festival as well as grown an army of fans at their beckoning. So naturally when they were set to play at the Barrowland in Glasgow, I just had to be there!

Joined by Nottingham lads known as ‘Dog is Dead’, I was introduced to an hour or so of melodic indie pop before being graced by Bombay Bicycle Club. Bombay definitely knew how to please an audience. From synth to banjo, it all pieced together well and gave the band a unique folk appeal.

Unfortunately the whole night felt like something was missing. Fans stood around flicking their floppy hair and seemed more concerned with how they looked as opposed to how the band performed. This wasn’t helped by the dark and mysterious ‘Always Like This’ which could even pass as a Vampire Weekend track!

With all that aside, the highlight of the night was definitely their latest single entitled ‘Shuffle’. The song has that upbeat and addictive piano to it which you just can’t help but love! ‘Shuffle’ sounds much more unique than their previous songs and shows that Bombay Bicycle Club are heading in a direction of greatness.

Closing the night was the bands encore track ‘Still’, which could easily be compared to a number of Radiohead songs. It was definitely a risky move considering it is a slow and moving track, but it worked and had fans whipping out the old camera phones – gone are the lighter holding days!

Overall it was a decent gig and Bombay Bicycle Club will always impress. However, I would have liked them to have played more upbeat stuff, perhaps even a few tracks from their first album. Nevertheless, it was a very good gig!


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