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Bon Iver – Usher Hall, Edinburgh

7.0 10 Good

Taking to the stage with nothing less than a small army of musicians, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver looked a little more polished than he did in the old days much like the new self titled Bon Iver album. A little off the beard, a bit of weight loss and even a tie have done wonders for his image – you can tell that he’s taking this seriously – and a slightly more studio sound means that we still get to keep the Justin we love, but now with added style.

Opening with an in your face version of Perth, the small orchestra instantly whipped up an enthusiasm in the crowd that lasted until the lights came up at the end of the night table blackjack and spilled out onto the streets casino online of Edinburgh. Giving the audience a bit of everything the gig ranges from quiet solo moments where we see the talented Mr. Vernon playing guitar and sat at his mic and then to gigantic crescendos of noise where it seems every instrument on stage is playing at odds with each other.

I don’t need to bore you with lashings of poetry to tell you just how good Justin Vernon’s voice really is. Needless to say that on this night there is sheer perfection hovering on the air whenever the man opens that bearded mouth of his and there can be no arguments that the guy “sounds better on the album”. Bon Iver fans are a pretty dedicated bunch and you can see that most here are hanging on each and every word of every lyrically perfect song.

Finishing up with “the” song of Bon Iver, the emotionally fraught Skinny Love, the crowd chants along as though it is one of the most joyous moments of their life. For some you can see that it clearly is. Justin Vernon has a special charm and quality about him that brings to him and then keeps a dedicated following that wait with baited breath for every word and movement and this is ultimately his biggest weapon.


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