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Boxes – The Lexington, London

The Lexington
9.0 10 Excellent

On a grey and miserable Friday evening in Kings Cross, TGR heads down to The Lexington Arms to see if a metaphorical ray of sunlight in the disguise of Carey Willets’ new project, Boxes, can brighten up everyone’s night. Upstairs at the Lexington is a charming little venue. Especially tonight as the stage set is peppered with antique props, tube lighted retro TV’s and an altogether 70/80’s vibe. The dimly lit room, paired with the hushed tones of the crowd, make for a strong feeling of excited anticipation of what is to come.

After a nice solo acoustic support act, which seem to go down well with the crowd, Carey takes to the stage alongside a female keys player also providing backing vocals. This is a nice surprise as I, maybe naively, was expecting a one man show. Opening with a heavy, energetic, mish-mash of samples for the intro, the pair thrashed out the opening track to the delight of fans.

This is followed by the extremely catchy ‘Don’t Look Down‘ taken from debut EP Silent Alarm. The transition works well and the crowd are captivated. The chorus brings with it some audience participation.

The set flows nicely and it’s not long before Silent Alarm is delivered and not surprisingly seems to get the best reaction of the night. New track Red Sky is a close second too and also seems to have struck a chord with the Boxes audience. Midway through Carey swaps the guitar for a go on the Keyboard proving his versatility. Telling the audience to “Shhhhsssh” is a brave act but it pays off and the silence that has fallen over the venue, gives us all a chance to hear the true vocal talent this guy has and that may of gone unrecognised to many from his time in Athlete. The track ‘Sharks’ deserves attention, and the crowd oblige.

The set finishes with Throw Your Stones. Overall, this is an impressive, elctro-fueled, debut London performance from Boxes, which proves this exciting new project has plenty of legs. It’s imaginative music, expert song writing and above all – exciting! The live shows do more than just please your ears, the impressive visuals that the musical soundtrack triggers, also excites your eyes and is one big attack of the senses.

The debut album Stickers is out 11th June.


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