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Calvin Harris & Tiesto

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After an incredible 20-month residency at Las Vegas’ new Hakkasan nightclub, where they alternated DJ sets each weekend. Calvin Harris and Tiesto decided to embark on there first ever joint tour. However this time they decided to take it one step bigger and make it Arena tour rather than a club tour.

Support came from female Dj Danny Avila, having not heard of the DJ before I didn’t really know what to expect, however I must say she blew me away. Her selection of tracks was remarkable and the heavy bass had the whole arena going wild and it was only 8pm. Following Danny Avila was BBC Radios own Pete Tong who almost mellowed the music down preparing the audience for the main attractions, this became a great idea as there was literally 5 minute interval between each act so there was barely enough time to rest before the next DJ.

Once the temporary DJ booth had been moved it was then time for one of the main attractions, Calvin Harris.

The crowd roared with excitement and rightfully so as one of the Uks greatest producers was about to play an incredible DJ set. Complete with Pyrotechnics and visuals Calvin Harris gave you just what you where hoping for playing some of his greatest work including “Bounce”(Kelis), “Say My Name” (Florence) and “We Found Love” (Rhianna).

As Calvin Harris finished his set within a couple of minutes was the arrival of the Super producer Tiesto, who cleverly used his visuals as almost a tour guide to Manchester showing all the major landmarks in perfect sequence to his set. His set which was extremely Bass driven was a perfect end to an incredible evening.

Usually at concerts in arenas you get the occasional people sitting down to enjoy the show, it wasn’t the case with this show as from the beginning of Pete Tong, right the way through everybody was on there feet and rightfully so.


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