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Dave Giles – The Nave, Isington

The Nave, Islington
4.0 10 OK

The London date of Dave Giles’ ‘We’re Not That Moody’ tour was the cutest, yet strangest gig I’ve ever been to- in a good way! The concept of this tour isn’t something you would usually expect, each gig is seated, and all the venues are very intimate, there is even an interval in the middle of the gig! The Nave in Islington is a converted church, which made the whole gig have an almost peaceful atmosphere. Because of the arrangement of the evening, it does feel like you’re at the theatre, and there was even tea and biscuits for sale, which was a lovely, quirky addition to the night which made it that bit better than a usual gig with a bar! Sometimes people think of gigs more as social occasions rather than an opportunity to enjoy a night of good music, and talk throughout songs but this was very, very different! Some songs required a bit of a sing-along, but many-especially the Candle Thieves beautiful song Stars- were greeted with complete silence, and the venue just made it even more of a touching moment.

Danny Gruff’s comedic lyrics make him so loveable you couldn’t possibly not enjoy his set, his songs are so entertaining and realistic, and everybody can relate to something that he sings about! Even the stories he tells before he begins singing make us want to be his friend. ‘Wikipedia’ has to be my personal favourite, because we can just imagine ourselves doing the same thing.

Every single one of The Candle Thieves songs are positive, even the ones referring to death. You could just imagine these guys knowing the world is about to end and embarking on a big sing-along with everybody in the room! All the acts on this tour definitely deserve a lot more recognition than they have, because they are all so unique and talented in their own way.

Dave Giles’ has always been a big character, usually shoeless, always entertaining- and definitely sporting a hat! All of Dave’s songs are great, and story like, such as his heart warming ode to his granddad- ‘The Strongest Man in the World’- which almost makes the listener feel like they knew him them-self. Every time I see Dave perform i genuinely feel as if he’s playing to a room filled with his friends, everybody is truly fond of him.

The show ended with The Candle Thieves song ‘We Won’t Ever Be Rich (But We Can Be Happy) performed by all the acts of the night, which epitomised the feel of the entire night, and the audience’s reaction just showed how much they had all enjoyed themselves, they even gave a standing ovation. A great gig!


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