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Deaf Havana -The Junction, Cambridge

10.0 10

7:30 arrives and act number 1 walk onto stage after an elaborate, if slightly creepy opening- a band called Awake The Empire. A screamo band who did a good job of staying positive and enthusiastic even though the crowd were less so as they were the first band up and played music which didn’t really fit in with the other bands, especially the headliners. Mid perfomance and lead singer Chris Bruno demands a ‘Wall Of Death’ – he was very nice and reminded people to help others who fall down and it’s just a bit of fun not malicious- the warning wasn’t needed, about 5 people took part.

Next on the bill was a band called The First, a band which perked the audience right up! A lot more upbeat and you could actually hear the lyrics; although they do have an allocated screamer, Tim Crane, it suited the songs well. Towards the end of the set there were technical problems with the mic and Ben Salter seemed quite upset as well as annoyed but the audience was very reassuring and sympathised with him. It didn’t hinder their performance, they were full of energy and bounced around the stage song after song.

Not Advised were the band on before Deaf Havana. It was a lovely surprise as I had no idea before the gig that they would be playing. Being the more well known band out of the support acts, the audience were more responsive to them. They played a couple of their songs which most people knew and sang along to, such as ‘The Worlds Not Ready’ but they also played new songs which were received just as well. They ended with their newest single ‘The Ark’ which went down a storm! Lovely guys who played a brilliant set full of energy and fun.

All support acts mingled in the crowd waiting for Deaf Havana to come on and that’s what I love about small gigs; to be watching Deaf Havana on stage with all of Not Advised stood right next to me was unbelievable.

So 9:45 came and Deaf Havana come on stage – yes finally! Only to leave again and leave an audience waiting in anticipation chanting at the band, hoping to coax them from back stage. 10:00pm and finally the band arrive to play their set, and what a set it was with familiar favourites such as ‘Friends Like These’, ‘Smiles All Round’, ‘My Life is Average’, ‘The World is Nothing’ and a few more, the sound of people singing along merrily filled the whole room. And what a way to end a gig then to play slow versions of ‘My Life is Average’ and ‘Right Now I’m Anyone’s’. It was truly beautiful and the crowd was virtually silent with a couple of people holding up lighters and swaying. The gig seemed really intimate and everybody seemed to be having a brilliant night.

11:45 and it’s over, nearly 5 hours of loud music and pure adrenaline. Ears ringing and feet burning but a head full of memories, a phone full of photos and a smile that I won’t be able to shake for a long, long time.


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