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Ed Sheeran – The Junction, Cambridge

5.0 10 Adequate

Words simply couldn’t describe the bubbling anticipation as I and many other Ed Sheeran fans stood patiently waiting outside the Cambridge Leisure Centre. It had been six weeks since I received my beloved Ed Sheeran tickets and I’ll tell you right now that it was the slowest six weeks of my life!

Finally the doors opened and after a short period of waiting we were graced with a fantastic performance from the great Killamonjambo to warm us all up. The atmosphere in the air was buzzing and it only got better after the angelic voice of Lucy Rose completed the warm up.

By now it was the time we had all been waiting for. It was time for the ginger superstar to take to the stage and dazzle us with his talent – and boy did he dazzle us alright! He gave an absolutely staggering performance of his latest hit Grade 8 which truly gave an example of just how talented this 20 year old man really is!

He also had everyone enthralled with his magical performance of Drunk, as well as the heart pounding UNI which showed just how diverse this multi-talented musician can be. Of course I’m sure most of us who have been in long distance relationships can relate to such a track and since the majority of the crowd was made up of students, the song was definitely well received.

Each song he played was filled with passion as he encouraged us to sing-a-long in enjoyment. It goes without saying that Ed is a crowd pleasing man with a stage presence to be reckoned with. At certain points in the night it even seemed like Ed wanted to have just as much fun as we were having.

The highlight of the night was of course a superb performance of ‘A Team’, but that was to be expected since it’s such a universal song that everyone can enjoy!

Overall it has to have been one of the best live performances I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to and I’m sure much more can be expected from Mr. Sheeran in the future.


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