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Elbow – The Enmore, Sydney


Elbow are in sydney ( The Enmore Theatre ). A warm up gig for Aus festival Splendour in the grass. The theatre is old worn out a throw back to better days, but elbow are the polar opposite even after 20 years together ( they toast the crowd with a shot who duly toast them back). They sound bright and crisp. Garvey is all smiles he conducts the evening with finger wiggles, arm sways, jovial crowd banter and a sublime voice.

The set is mostly from the new album Build a rocket. But older classics are strategically placed from cast of thousands and mercury music prize winning seldom seen kid. All sounding classic and fresh from this 20 yr old outfit. The rousing One day like this draws a raptuos vocal performance from the usually stoic Sydney crowd. Testament to Garveys conducting skills, the stiring working class anthems performed previously and recognition of what they have just witnessed over the last 1hr 45 mins. For this Sydney crowd it’s a triumph and Guy is right ” one day like this a year would see me right”

Build a rocket boy

Bones of you.

One day like this.


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