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Enter Shikari – New Brighton Pavillion

New Brighton Pavillion
9.0 10 Excellent

The setting for a very intimate performance from one of UKs biggest and hardest working bands was the New Brighton Floral Pavillion. This venue is most common for theatre productions and conferences but tonight the conference room welcomed its first post hardcore rock concert.

Support came from Nottingham based speed metal band Baby Godzilla who unleashed havoc during there set and with the last song “three legged race” the guitarist walked around the crowd with his wireless electric guitar and the lead vocalist took his mic stand into the crowd to perform with the fans. Incredible start to an evening full of energy . Following this was Milton Keynes rap metal outfit “Hacktivist“. Imagine UK hip hop artist Devlin performing with a heavy metal band and you have got Hacktivist treating the crowd to their own rendition of Jay Z and Kanye Wests “N***s in Paris”  and performing their new free download Elevate.

Both support acts gave an incredible performance and fans still managed to find the energy to keep going. 10 minutes before they entered the stage a tannoy announcement was made counting down the minutes with a great backdrop of old trance and some dub-step music. The time had came  for St Albans  post hardcore band with an infusion of dub-step combined with Mike Skinner esq vocals. Opening their set with “Ssssssnakepit” and followed by a selection of tracks from there new album, the usual conference setting was  now the setting of crowd surfing, mosh pits, standing on speakers and some serious energy.

As well as new songs they performed tracks from there older albums explaining “weve been abusing music since 2003”  treating the older fans to tracks including The Feist and Enter Shikari. Crowd were chanting lead singers name, Matty P and the band had a brief meeting on the stage which followed by Matty P making his way into the crowd to make a very special announcement in which  he began to sing the words to track “Mothership” and encouraged all fans to make there way to the nearest microphone and shout “Unite“. The time had come for the last song but as expected the crowd wanted more and the band returned to perform two more songs including “A flash flood of colour“.

The overall atmosphere was absolutely incredible and to see a band of this magnitude take over a 500 capacity venue, will be talked about for years to come!


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