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Enter Shikari – O2 Academy Liverpool

O2 Academy Liverpool
9.0 10 Excellent

As the latter stages of Liverpool SoundCity were approaching an end, and after a long band-filled marathon was coming to a close, the crowds began to reside into Liverpool’s iconic O2 Academy. Little did they know this was to be the home of  the festival’s most intense and action packed night to date.

To open the show, Wrexham’s own Neck Deep took to the stage and within minutes had the already eager crowd up and off their feet. The first band to style the backwards cap and escape unquestioned since Fred Durst revealed the true roots of the American pop-punk influence. Their up-tempo rhythms and tell-tale lyrics were a success with the night’s crowd and had them mosh-pitting and screaming all set long.

Next up, and it was the turn of Hacktivist, the rap-metal powerhouses from Milton Keynes. Opening the set with a bang their unusual mixture of their quick-fire lyrics accompanying the already established  metal-core backdrop was an astounding success to the fans, encapsulating the crowd in their own unique way.

The last of the support acts dawned and also being  the youngest of the 4 bands, it was  Marmozets turn to thrill the audience. Without doubt performing the most blistering array of sweeps and riffs which inevitably are no strangers to attention grabbing. They  kicked, stomped, jumped, swung and powered around the stage, strutting their stuff and showcasing their multi-genre appearance.

As the last song was played and the lights dimmed upon the stage, the crowds poured in and anxiously awaited the turn of the night’s main event. Just as the crowd were expecting their arrival, a backing track presenting a countdown to the show was played and as the announcement hit “1 minute”, the ever familiar opening track ‘System’ to the latest album ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’ began to play…

Post-hardcore pioneers Enter Shikari took the venue by storm, as Rou Reynolds opened his mouth to begin the first line, he was joined by a chorus of 1,200 rowdy fans. Four songs in, the band and crowd both sweating and panting within the now humid atmosphere of the Academy, Shikari deciding to mix the set up a bit, incorporating more techno and dub-step aspects into the classic anthems. With the contrast of songs from the brand new playing ‘The Paddington Frisk” in conjunction with older songs like ‘The Feast” the crowd were running riot.

With the crowd pumped up and the band even more so, Shikari decided to pull out their showman antics, ranging from playing in shopping trolleys, to clambering on the scaffolding above the stage, all during their pulsing bass drops and breakdowns. This show was like no other. With an outstanding light show backing up the night, Enter Shikari took over the festival by storm and imprinted their name in SoundCity history.


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