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Funeral for a friend – O2 Academy, Newcastle

O2 Newcastle
6.0 10 Satisfied

With all kinds of musical awards under their belt, along with appearing as of the main headliners at Reading Festival, you would expect nothing less than an awesome night from Funeral for a Friend! Unfortunately, what we actually got was an awkward gig full to the brim with a crowd that barely managed to utter any sort of emotion. You would think that being in the presence of these Welsh post-hardcore rock Gods would spark some sort of enthusiasm, but not even the engaging stage presence of front-man Matthew Davies could crack a smile with these guys!

Perhaps fans weren’t too receptive of the new material Funeral for a Friend was trying to promote. Songs such as ‘Damned if you do, Dead if you Don’t’ and ‘Sixteen’ just seemed to fall on deaf ears, whereas nostalgic anthems such as ‘Juneau’, ‘Escape artists never die’ and ‘Roses for the Dead’ sparked a little life in venue. What made things worse was the fact that half of the academy emptied out after Escape The Fate had finished their set which literally blew the audience away.

The highlight of the night was by far the absolutely brilliant performance of ‘Oblivion’ which really motivated everyone into singing along. Unfortunately, with an embarrassing gig such as this that was filled with far too many awkward moments, not even the old classics could save Funeral for a Friend. It is a shame really since the band performed beautifully and aside from a few sound hiccups, Funeral for a Friend definitely deserved a better reception than what they were given. It just felt like they were inevitably overshadowed by their supporting act and fans didn’t really seem to have a clue about the new material. Here’s to hoping the band receives a much warmer welcome elsewhere whilst on tour.


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