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Hard-Fi – ABC, Glasgow

10.0 10 Awesome

The infamous rock quartet Hard-Fi returned to the ABC in Glasgow after a three year break. Despite once ruling the modern indie rock scene, receiving a Mercury Prize nomination for the awesome ‘Stars of CCTV’ and selling out Brixton Academy five times in a row, the turnout for the gig was quite disappointing to say the least. Fans were short in supply and those that did turn up didn’t really show any sort of enthusiasm about being there. Each of Richard Archers failed attempts at exciting the crowd could only make me cringe as I stood awkwardly feeling like the only real fan there.

I’m not really sure what prompted the mindless audience member to throw his pint at Richard Archer before the opening song was even over. Could it be the recent unfamiliar album release of ‘Killer Sounds’ or perhaps it was expectations that Hard-Fi would be the somewhat the same as they were in 2005? For whatever reason it was, luckily Archers smoothly online casino dodged it and carried on performing.

The crowd finally mustered up some energy once Hard-Fi unleashed the old favourite ‘Cash Machine’ onto the audience. Still sounding just as good as it did all those years ago and still received the same reception! The same could not be said for the disappointing ‘Rock The Casbah’ influenced track entitled ‘Stay Alive’, or even the cover of jukebox favourite ‘I Fought The Law’ which only left the audience in dismay.

Overall it was disappointing. Hard-Fi were once legendary and I suppose if they didn’t try for a comeback they would remain legendary. Now they have lost a lot of their flavour and in doing so have lost a lot of appreciation from die hard fans. I still have a lot of respect for them and hope that the rest of the tour receives a better reception.


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