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Hop Farm festival 2011 – Iggy and the stooges

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Iggy Pop Hop Farm FestivalIggy and the Stooges at Hop Farm Festival 2011 – Raw Power!

The energy is somewhat dying down, Lou Reed as iconic as he is cannot get the crowd excited, but just like in the late 60s the mundane becomes the insane when Iggy Pop and his Stooges burst out from hell to turn the crowd on its head!

How a man of his age can still look cool shirtless with long hair and moving the way he does is beyond me and makes it all the more engrossing. The band are on top form as usual knocking out hits like ‘I wanna be your dog‘ and ‘TV eye‘, delivered in such a charmingly menacing way the crowd cant help but joyously lose itself in the madness.

An unusual sight for a festival like this: crowd surfing, people dancing on stage, guys wrestled to the ground. What a breath of fresh air! These guys really show you what makes a live performance, its not just the songs its the crowd participation, its what makes it worth going to a festival.


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