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Jack Bruce – Komedia, Bath

Komedia, Bath
3.2 10 Satisfied

Jack Bruce & his Big Blues Band live Review-March 22nd Komedia Centre- Bath Somerset.

It was an impulse decision to go and view the legendary Mr Jack Bruce.I was feeling rather gig starved and after reading the small write up about this man on the flyer, “Probably the most musically gifted bass player there’s ever been”- Roger Waters in Rolling Stone magazine.

I was curious to see just how good.I had heard the name here and there and was aware of the Eric Clapton-Cream connections.The crowd consisted mostly of silver haired men in their middle to late 50s who Jack no doubt was a youthful hero to.

The show begins with a piano ballad which morphs into a very rhythmic Instrumental.The bass playing is fast and deep, Jack has perfect rhythm, he holds his bass like it’s his baby,his prize possession,like an embrace.

Jack and his Big Blues Band all look like they are enjoying themselves, all hard working, enthusiastic,fast playing musicians with a trumpet player that cannot stop giggling throughout the whole show.

The first four tracks are fast & energy fuelled to the hilt.The fifth “Child song” has an acoustic guitar and Jack returns to the piano.Some heartfelt emotional ballads follow.

The Cream classic “Bad Sign” was the highlight of the night for me, very seductively played.”White Room” was also played so there are two I recognise, thankfully.

The other highlight of the evening is the drum solo, I don’t think I have ever heard or seen anything like it, no wonder Jack works with this man, a gifted musician for sure.

There was sadly one small downer about the show, an extremely rude heckler yelling rude comments regarding the Blues, to which Jack calmly responded “define the Blues” what a brilliant answer, and he said it so calmly, leaving this nasty heckler looking rather silly!

The encore consists of a “12 bar blues track, called a turn around” announces Jack, “Get into my big black car”

A great night, and the pleasant chat I had with the bass player from the Big Blues Band was the icing on the cake, a total gentleman.

A great gig, worth every penny.

Available : Limited Edition CD Live Recording of Jack’s performance at The Stables-Milton Keynes-19th March 2012


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