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Janice Graham Band – Club NME, KOKO

KOKO, Camden
4.0 10 OK

I have heard folk say on many occasions that much of good British music has come out of Manchester, and that Mancunian bands have a knack for creating a vibe/scene that cannot be denied.

After  what I saw last night in London, a young  four piece named  Janice Graham Band (a band not one person) they are pure evidence as to why Manchester has that very reputation. Now when it comes to writing a review, I am usually positive and enthusiastic, but after last night, I simply cannot say enough positive things. What a brilliantly gifted bunch.I love the way Janice Graham Band take various genres of music, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Ska, Reggae and combine them into their music with pure professionalism and enthusiasm. No wonder Manni  (Stone Roses) gave them the thumbs up.Im sure Shaun Ryder, Liam Noel  etc would  agree.

These guys are way ahead of their years and have obviously some strong, deep influences. Their frontman Joe, has rhythm coming from every pore and his bass playing is brilliant. Jack Bruce, John Entwistle  and Mark King would be impressed.The bands  trumpet player can hold his own, and at times I felt like I was listening to a small orchestra, not four guys due to the power. This band are fully in touch with their roots and they seem to be proud of what they deliver.There have been comparisons to Arctic Monkeys, mainly due to the very similar vocal delivery. I would not compare them directly to any other band though, because they cover a wide spectrum, so it’s rather impossible.

The first track of the evening “Robbery” begins  with the Trumpet player doing his thing, and I like how the track morphs from Ska to Reggae beat and then back to Ska. The third track “Something’s baffling  me” made me think Happy Mondays.“Murder” ( I wanna get away with Murder) is very Reggae/ska and  is quite aggressive, made me think of an early Specials gig.

If you thought or feared that The Music Industry is dead, and everything coming out of it is rubbish, this band will show you how wrong you are, and your faith will be restored. Their slot was only about half an hour which was no way enough, I would of sat and listened all night. The audience consisted of id say 18 to 25 year olds who hopefully appreciated what they heard and saw.

One thing you could never call these guys is predictable, you never quite know what is coming next, leaving you hanging on the edge of your seat, because one minute you are hearing  ska, then Jazz and so forth, they will never be boring.Above all, JGB are brave, they do their own unique thing.

I met briefly with Joe the frontman as I was leaving, very modest guy! Who kindly offered me his email, for a possible future interview.

They get my full support, a must see, but make sure you go expecting a party vibe.

Their new single “Assassiner”  is Released Sep 10th on Acid Jazz Records

Debut Album “ It’s Not Me” released Feb 2012


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