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Kaiser Chiefs – Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

7.0 10 Good

The Kaiser Chiefs are back and fresh off their summer festival stint the lads head back home to to play to a 10,000 strong crowd at Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds. Tonight is the first of two sell out nights kicking off The Future is Medieval tour.

The band steam through the classics anthems and Ricky Wilson is, as ever, the energetic and most welcoming front man. The set is peppered with new material, this is a tour to promote the mobile casino album, so it kind of has to be.

Classics are not left out though, with the likes of Ruby, Modern way and of course I predict a online casino riot whipping the crowd into a frenzy. They save Oh My God for last and why not. It”s a Php Aide track which has put them where they are today as much as they”d maybe not like to admit it.

The band may struggle on the tour to win over the crowd with new material as it”s just not anywhere near as strong as the old classics. I”m sure they”ll have a lot of fun trying though and after all, their catchy tunes seem to creep up on you when you”re least expecting it.


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