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Lana Del Rey – Scala, London

Scala, London
9.0 10 Excellent

With an artist who proclaims she is a modern day Nancy Sinatra, it was a little too hard not to be excited for Lana Del Rey’s live performance at the intimate London Scala – especially after the recent release of her brilliant single ‘Video Games’. Dressed to knock ‘em dead, Jessica Rabbit, I mean Lana Del Rey, managed to captivate her loving audience not just with her obvious retro-noir beauty, but by providing us with perhaps one of the best live performances of the year.

Lana Del Rey is definitely a world away from the typical pop-dance regurgitated music that plagues the industry today. It was a fantastic experience to hear something a little different with a tinge of slick, 1950’s New York vibe and boy did she pull it off well! From the moment she emerged gracefully onto the stage with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho theme creating an atmosphere, the crowd loved her every step of the way.

Opening with the very sweet ‘Without You’, Lana started things off soft, but it wasn’t long before the tables turned with the dark yet soothing to the ears ‘Born To Die’. Of course, without a shadow of a doubt the centerpiece ‘Video Games’ was the highlight of the night and literally had everyone singing along.

[youtube id=”HO1OV5B_JDw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Short but sweet, the set only lasted around forty minutes and was eight tracks long with no encore. Regardless, it was just enough to fill our hunger and create an incredibly unique and tasteful atmosphere. Lana’s interaction with the audience also helped deliver a deeper sense of intimacy in a venue that was already quite small.

Lana’s husky voice and alluring charisma proved that there is still some originality out there in the music industry and we can surely expect more from the beautiful Miss. Del Rey in the future.


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