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Laura Marling – Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Corn Exchange, Cambridge
7.0 10 Good

Laura marling kicked off her latest tour with a gig at The Cambridge Corn Exchange. It was a great turn out for a solo artist, who it”s fair to say, shys away from the mainstream media limelight. Her voice bellowed out as harrowing as ever across the prestigious and historic venue. Her understated confidence and shyness is endearing as she played songs from her laatest album A Creature I Don”t Know. She also included some of the more “known” casino online tunes from debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim. Newer material Salinas and The R real-time: A form of processing in which a computer system accepts and updates hard drive recovery services at the same time, feeding back immediate results that influence the hard drive recovery services source. Muse showed a shift towards a more intense and grown up song writing direction.

She struggled slightly playing a gig of this size. I think she is more suited to the smaller venues but nonetheless it was a well crafted performance. Ghosts got a good response but perhaps a few more upbeat or “recognised” numbers was what this gig was missing. Then again this is a fresh tour and new material was what was on the agenda it was plain to see.


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