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Lianne La Havas – Bristol Academy

Bristol Academy
5.0 10 Adequate

As I walk into the academy I can see that Miss La Havas had already caused a stir amongst the Bristol fans everyone, including myself, fidgeting with anticipation for what the young singer/songwriter will produce on this cold rainy night.

Instead of the buzz for a rock n’ roll jump fest, the murmuring crowd felt like they were waiting for an opera to start and within minutes Madame La Havas walked on to the stage to an astounding round of applause and whistles.

She walked out on to the stage alone, quickly flashed the crowd her calming smile and did what true musicians do and let her pure voice and flawless guitar playing do the work.

I was hooked.

For someone that had only heard one or two of her songs before I knew that the next day I’d be buying her album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ and if you haven’t already then I put my hand on my heart and say you won’t regret it.

She has an ability, which not many other singers have, and that is to make you feel like the only person in the room. After the first song, ‘Au Cinema’, Lianne’s band appears on the stage. An arrangement of talented young musicians from a faultless Peruvian percussionist to a female backing singer with a voice better than some of the lead singers of other bands.

The combination of Lianne and her band blew the roof off the academy but still every single person watching was in silent awe, probably realising that Miss La Havas was one of a few that sound better live than the album version.

After producing sublime versions of ‘Is Your Love Big Enough’, ‘Forget’, ‘No Room for Doubt’ and ‘Gone’ the crowd are now swinging their hips succumbing to the drug which is Lianne La Havas.

So if you’re reading this please go see her and I guarantee you a brilliant night!


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