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Life In Film – XOYO, London

XOYO, London
9.0 10 Excellent

In the industrial looking basement of east London that is XOYO, Life in Film entertain a flattering and attentive packed-full audience. The Venue sprawls out over 2 floors offering a cosy getaway for the “cool & trendy” clientele upstairs and a basement where the real magic happens! On descent underground you are met with a boiler room interior and tonight, the support act, The Book Club. James Carnall (of Milburn fame) now fronts this 4 piece Sheffield indie outfit who’s music bears more than a passing resemblance to the Arctic’s

The ever increasing flow of “good looking students” fill XOYO as the opening set progresses but the landscape looks still. Is it because the crowd are captivated or just not into it? Front man Carnall tries in vain to inject some life into the shoe gazers, trying to engage the crowd in some banter ‘You lot are quiet, which means you’re listening I suppose..‘ and I think that’s exactly what’s happening. The Book Club have some good material and the kind of songs that you do find yourself getting lost in, but not in a bad way. At the finale they introduce a special guest which happens to be a grime artist and after his freestyle verse on the song the crowd let out the biggest cheer of the night are we finally seeing some life? A great group effort but Carnall is the star of the show.

Life in Film kick off their set with Idiot. A brave choice to top-load the set with what is, in my opinion, one of their best tracks. It’s paid off though as there is a real buzz around the place now and the sound their producing is clear and very polished…authority officially stamped! It’s hard to see how this band have not achieved greater things to date. The uniqueness and effortless force that is Samuel Fry’s voice, shines through on each track twinned with the intelligent and mega catchy lead guitar riffs makes for a appetising musical package. Sam is no great talker, he simply introduces the tracks and plays. There is no false front man bravado or banter. It’s like he knows the bands tunes will do the talking tonight. It’s apparent the crowd favour the chance to join in the sing-a-long on numbers like Sorry and Anna please don’t go. There’s a strong loyal contingent around centre stage that are championing the tracks with air punches and the slightest of pogo movement. Another stand out track appears in the encore in the form of new single Carla a love song that is believably delivered with earnest vocals and subtle melodies.

Life in Film have loads to offer the current music scene. In a current time where we seem obsessed at looking overseas for this kind of band, we forget it’s right here on our doorstep. Who’d of thought KOL meets the Smiths could be so good?

Carla is released next month find out more about the band at


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