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Little Comets – Concorde 2, Brighton

Concorde 2, Brighton
4.0 10 OK

Another packed gig at the Concorde 2 last night in Brighton, kicking off with Run Young Lovers, a typical four-piece indie band from Brighton- not very well known yet, but the enthusiasm and energy that went into each song makes them definate ones to watch!

Next up were Irish lads, General Fiasco; a unique voice and positive interaction with the crowd was always going to be a winner, which at one point provoked a very chilled out, indie style mosh pit that bought some of the bouncers out from their doorways.

Last, but certainty not least, were Little Comets- the boys that are said to play “Kitchen sink indie” music. They had a much more laid-back approach to their audience, clearly at ease which caused them to get lost in their music, not letting any old screaming gig-goer ruin their flow.

As always, Concorde 2 delivered a great night. The only downside being that if you wanted to get away from the annoying amount of hyper-active teens at the front, squealing at every little movement on stage, then you had to stand at the back where you couldn’t see a darn thing… but at least you’re closer to the bar!


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