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Matt Cardle – KOKO, London

9.0 10 Excellent

After a year of winning the X Factor and impressing audience members across the UK, Matt Cardle returns to exclusively perform tracks from his soon to be released album entitled ‘Letters’.

From the moment Matt walked onto the stage at 9pm wearing his shirt, jeans and that signature hat of his, he had us all captured! Girls and women screamed their appreciation, but even the blokes in the audience were in for a treat with Matt Cardle at the reins. Oozing charisma and backed by a fantastic full live band, Matt started things off with the albums title track ‘Letters’.  This stunning performance was then quickly followed by Cardle’s signature high notes of ‘Pull Me Under’ and then the very powerful and moving ‘All For Nothing’.

The highlight of the night was by far ‘When We Collide’ Cardle’s winners song, which had the audience bellowing the words back to Matt from start to finish! Of course how could I forget the very heart warming upcoming single ‘Run For Your Life’ which managed to shed quite a few tears from members of the audience.

Treating the audience with a couple of memorable classics, Matt and his band covered songs such as ‘Uninvited’ by Alanis Morissette and ‘Nights in White Satin’ by The Moody Blues. They also performed one of the worlds most beautiful and renowned songs to date, ‘Jolene’ by the one and only Dolly Parton, which although it has previously been covered by the White Stripes had a very strong signature stamped onto it by Cardle.

Overall it was a fantastic gig made up of an audience that was blown away by every chord Matt plucked on his guitar and every heart felt song that he graced us with. It truly is a gig that will never be forgotten and I’m sure his upcoming album will do just fine!


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