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Nicki Minaj – Roman Reloaded Tour

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We all know her for her fake ‘larger than life’ bum, her silky blonde wigs and her tendency to use the word ‘pussy’ and ‘hoe’ at least once in every song. She’s one of the most loved, and one of the most hated, in our music scene today. But there is no denying the fact that Nicki Minaj is one of the best American female rappers around; even if she says she’s got it ‘cracking like a bad back’.

From the release of ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ 6 singles have already been released, including ‘Starships’, ‘Pound The Alarm’, ‘Beez In The Trap’ and her more recent single ‘Va Va Voom’. The 19 track album has been credited as ‘a mediocre rap album’ leaving you with the feeling of wanting to ‘drive off a cliff’. Given a 5/10 from NME magazine; it seems as if Minaj has created an album nobody wants to hear or think about: wrong.
The number 1 album in 4 countries has made the mark Minaj wanted. Proof? Her Roman Reloaded tour of the UK has been completely sold out, extra dates have been added and it’s the tour everybody has been whinging and raving about… So what really is the fuss?

In Newcastle Upon-Tyne Nicki Minaj’s support had come from Ex-X-Factor hopeful Misha B; who has lost the ‘diva’ edge to her voice and has started to mould into a more ‘real’ Nicki Minaj. With a snap-back and Doc Martens, Misha B looks stylish on stage, prancing and bellowing out her only two songs, which surprisingly the whole crowd videoed on their mobiles. With the lack of material Misha B also decided to throw in her own style of murder: in the form of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. Support was also given by rapper ‘Tyga’ (pronounced Tiger) where he – (also with lack of material) sang his one-and-only known song ‘Rack City Bitch’ twice in five minutes. His gimmick of finding women in the crowd with big boobs and getting them on stage also set the mood for the rest of the concert – the starstruck feeling of happiness and excitement was fading – quickly.

The diva herself was late to her own slot – nine o’clock turned to quarter to ten before the superstar appeared on stage in a pink space rocket. The new elegantly named song ‘Come On A Cone’ was preformed first on the haunted house stage set followed by ‘Roman Reloaded’ and a song that simply says ‘Beez In The Trap’ 50 times.

Surprisingly, only five costume changes, including a long pink dress and a black rapper costume; customised with a jeweled snap back, were the outfits for Minaj in the night. Although The ‘female weezy’ has been credited to mime her way through sets: Nicki Minaj really sang every note, in every song to real perfection. With her ‘real’ voice (may it have been Martha, Barbie, Roman or Nicki) she preformed to a high professional standard of singing.

Burlesque dancers, a pink convertible car and real fire burning when Minaj sang ‘Fire Burns’. The concert may have been gimmicky; but it really showed off Nicki Minaj’s ability to look past lyrics of ‘Stupid Hoe’ an create something she could be proud of. Finishing on the springy hit which was ‘Starships’ Minaj’s atmosphere she created was one of love and bouncy electrifying excitement.

Still not convinced Minaj is your favourite rapper yet?


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