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Noah and the Whale – Palace Theatre, London

Palace Theatre
7.0 10

Noah and the whale are renowned for their feel good vibes, heartfelt lyrics and bright and breezy riffs, so what better time to see them live than when we are all full of the joys of spring and Mr Sunshine is ready and waiting to come out of hibernation. Enjoying some success since 2007, Noah and the Whale have plugged away and continued to stay true to their musical roots. They must be a high up the list on the pick of artists for a summer festival, as their tunes scream “lay back and relax”.

Tonight’s gig at is at the Palace Theatre, London and kicks off ‘A Month of Sundays’. It has a strange order to proceedings. Two sets sandwich a short film by the band. Give A Little Love, the fabulous Blue Skies and Tonight’s’ the Kind of night all feature in the first half. The crowd seem to be taking an age to warm up and after the film, the appearance of L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N kicks them into life.

Some new songs show promise, especially title track the new album “Heart of Nowhere“.

Finks’ unique and almost slumber-some vocals struggle to shine on the more upbeat numbers, but on the tracks like ‘Five Years’ Time‘ which, in fact, gets the greatest cheer of the night and brings the most animation from the crowd, they soar!

The band gift-wrap all their hits in this well-rehearsed and professional set, however, drop the film idea! Although it is set to music from the band, Noah and the Whale have enough substance in their music to let it be the sole entertainment tonight.


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