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Parkway Drive – O2 Indigo

O2 Indigo
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You know it’s going to be a Parkway Drive show when the venue is sold out, there are kids head to toe in imported merch not available in the UK, and there are a few proudly representing the boy’s hometown with Australian shirts on. Now conquering one of their biggest UK tours yet and a DVD release on the horizon, Parkway Drive plan on taking the O2 Indigo by storm.

As Aussie hardcore band Confession leaves the stage, the audience are already pumped with so much adrenaline; it’s a surprise that they don’t self-combust. As the stage lights dim, Miss May I return back to the UK for a third time, playing a venue that is by far 20 time if not more the size of those that they’ve already dominated. However, no fear is shown in their presence as they launch straight into the gut ripping but ever so catchy ‘Relentless Chaos’. With no anxiety, frontman Levi Benton is controlling the audience like a ring master, demanding crowd surfers and pits that will swallow up the entirety of the venue. By the time ‘Our Kings’ echoes out through amplifiers, the reception from the crowd is incredible! They’ve done everything asked of them, and now the photo-pit that lies between the stage and crowd is jammed packed with enthusiastic punters. Still in control, one final blow is delivered during the final breakdown of the gnarly anthem ‘Masses of a Dying Breed’. Like a jack in the box, all five band members are leaping across the stage from the drum kit to the edge of the ocean of fans. For a band that formed only in 2006, they’ve pulled of an un-miscible performance, particularly with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

No need to feel under pressure is painted on the face of The Ghost Inside’s frontman, Jonathon Vigil’s face when he is greeted by a swarm of cheering fans. It would come as a shock to find that not only are the fans here to watch Bryon Bay’s finest, but have mainly seized this as opportunity to watch TGI tear up the stage of the O2 Indigo, a venue renowned for holding pop concerts and classical orchestral events “What do we stand for” cries loudly from those all around throughout the gnarly ferocious chorus of ‘Between the Lines’ with guitarist, Aaron Brooks and Jonathon stepping back to allow the audience to yell each lyrics off the top of their lungs. Hefty, convoluted guitar breakdowns tear through the amplifiers during ‘Greater Distance’ and ‘Overlooked’ , where Jonathon and co show no remorse- they want every single person in the venue off their feet. As if it were a chaotic tornado, the crowd go absolutely spare during the infamous and most anticipated songs of the set, ‘Destined’ and ‘Shiner’. With a thick energetic buzz in the air, the calamity climaxes as the bridge of ‘Faith or Forgiveness’ builds up, then as if a the pin was tugged out of a grenade, the audience explode into one more bust of energy during the closing anthem ‘Unspoken’. With locking down tonight’s show successfully, TGI can be sure it won’t be long until they are once more being pulled back into doing another UK tour.

Despite all three support bands putting on outstanding performances tonight, nothing can compare to the moment that Parkway Drive step out onto that stage. Intensely, Vocalist Winston McCall gives a beastly roar into the microphone as ‘Unrest’ shatters the walls of the venue. The crowd are suddenly flung into a turmoil fever, opening the room into one colossal pit.  The anathematic ‘Bone Yards’ , filled to the brim with immaculate vocals, soaks those rushing around drenched in sweat beseeching for more. Upon announcement of the Byron Bay boys name (“We are PARKWAY DRIVE!”), a rivalry pit bursts open the minute the first guitar chord of ‘Sleepwalker’  is struck. As the breakdown of ‘Karma’ crashes down, Winston demands that the two rivalry pits fuse into one ultimate destruction. Happily, the audience participate and take up the offer as hell is unleashed when ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ erupts, and continues even during a new unnamed song Parkway show off (to win us over completely Winston has decided to unofficially name the song ‘UK’).  Yet the most memorable point of tonight’s set would be when, even before Winston can, the crowd scream in sync “1, 2, 3 DELIVER ME!” where the band are thrown off their feet by waves of bouncing bodies. ‘Home is for the Heartless’ has the same mass effect, as during the bridge, like a calmer tide, the “woah-ohwoah” rolls throughout the venue during the spine chilling bridge. It’s at this precise second you understand why the venue has sold out, Parkway Drive are just too damn good at what they do. Even when they ‘Carrion’ with an encore, it’s absolutely mind blowing as Parkway put every inch of skill, talent and effort into their final song.  This had undoubting been one of the best shows PWD gave pulled off, and with a brand new album coming soon (with one of the song already going down a hit like a sunken ship) the excitement only builds as we await for what Parkway Drive have in store for us!


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