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Paul McCartney – O2 Arena, London

02 Arena
9.0 10 Excellent

At aged 69 and proving to fans old and new that he is still as awesome as ever, the legendary Sir Paul McCartney waded through over 30 incredible songs at a packed out O2 Arena on Monday. Busting out classics such as ‘Hello Goodbye’ and the touching ‘Let It Be’, Paul really got the crowd going and had fans both young and old swaying along every step of the way. ‘Live and Let Die’ also made an appearance and boy did it manage to get the adrenaline flowing! You could literally feel the heat from the fireworks inside the O2 Arena.

McCartney was on the top of his game the entire performance as he managed to switch between bass, piano and ukulele throughout the entire gig. As if Paul’s showmanship wasn’t good enough, we were also given the pleasure of Rolling Stones God Ronnie Wood taking to the stage during the encore online casino and providing us with a combined effort on The Beatles classic ‘Get Like Cain Abel, LCP is a standard program you download from LCPSoft”s website and install inside of Windows, meaning you”ll need access to a user account on the computer. Back’.

The highlight of the performance was of course ‘Back in the USSR’. Such a pumped up song inevitably had us all whipping out the old air guitars and strumming along halfway through. However, the air guitar didn’t stop there! They were soon back when Paul McCartney surprised us all with a few Hendrix moments.

As expected, the crowd seemed to love every second of it. It was a mixture of twenty something’s all the way up to elderly folk and there wasn’t a single disappointed face in sight!

Ultimately it was a night filled to the brim with passion, nostalgia and brilliance, especially when Paul dedicated ‘Here Today’ to the late and great John Lennon. Lasting nearly 3 hours, any old gig would start to grow tiresome but I simply couldn’t get enough! The Beatles parted ways around 41 years ago and Paul McCartney proved that he’s still as scorching hot as he was way back in the day.


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