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Pete Doherty: The Blues Kitchen, Camden

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It’s been a busy week for Pete Doherty, he’s become the unusual musical soul-mate of French first lady Carla Bruni – and then he’s been photographed catching up with his old “Tickety Bibble” (Carls’ words) and former song writing partner and Libertine band member Carl Barat. So it’s any wonder how Pete found the time to play an intimate matinee pub gig to 200 sweaty revellers at the Blues Kitchen in Camden.

Doherty performed a mixture of songs spanning his solo material, tracks from Babyshambles and hits from The Libertines. After a shaky start, Doherty started to find his rhythm and fans were treated to renditions of Time for Heroes, Albion, Music When the Lights Go Out and Song for Lovers, but it was The Libertines’ hits Don’t Look Back Into the Sun, Can’t Stand Me Now and What Katie Did that really got the crowd swaying and singing along.

It’s evident to see that The Libertines’ tracks are crowd favourites, and with Pete and Carl reuniting last week, and the fact that Pete is not currently serving time at Her Majesties pleasure, it would make perfect sense to see a full on Libertines reunion (not just last years half-arsed attempt). I still feel that The Libertines are a band that never reached their full potential and with such a strong and loyal fan base, they still have a lot to give. However, if Pete was to reform full-time with The Libertines, then it’s highly unlikely that fans would get the chance to witness Doherty in such intimate surroundings. Matinee pub gigs along the Camden High Street would be replaced with late night shows at venues like Brixton Academy.

Whichever career path Doherty decides to take, the legion of fans that flocked to see him on Saturday, wearing pork-pie hats, skinny jeans and red army tunics prove that he’s still in demand as ever.


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