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Pure Love – XOYO London

7.0 10 Good

Valentines night Rocks out!

The venue is heaving, a huge valentine turn out. It would appear London has ditched roses and dinner for two and opted for a night of rocking out. It’s a special night for rock band Pure Love because it is the anniversary of their first gig a year ago today.

Heavily tattood Frontman Frank Carter enters the stage with a cocky but not arrogant persona and you can tell he can’t wait another minute to get rocking.

Beach of Diamonds” a no nonsense pure rock track, makes you want to sing along. Frank Carter is a cross between Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) and Mike Patton (Faith no more) Jimmy for his rebellion and I have something to say attitude, a la “If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided” and Mike for his wacky humor and wit. Slightly Grunge rock meets punk aggressive, loud, in yer face punchy and anthem like. American Guitarist Jim Carroll swings his long hair while knocking out some brilliant riffs.

Anthem” really has the crowd singing along in a very loyal kind of fashion, “down down down we go” Frank encourages the crowd with great enthusiasm and loves the interaction. One the one hand he is thanking everybody for coming and how much it means to him, the next he makes the crack “get off the stage, just because you paid to be here don’t mean I am gonna be polite” which got the crowd giggling, a cheeky lad but it’s all in good humor  Frank likes to tease and get a reaction.

During “March of the Pilgrims” Frank gets right in with the crowd, literally in amongst them and they gather round him in awe, again it’s anthem like sing along “we’ll be saved” no standing quietly on stage here, he is right in there like a dirty shirt, and he loves it.

Bury my bones” has positive energy, good quality rock. Then comes a cover of  Undertones “Teenage Kicks” and that goes down very well indeed. Always a good move to throw in some classics.

Loud, gritty, sweaty with a take no nonsense attitude. This band are all about old school punk attitude mixed with rock, something many miss.If you want a dose of this, go see Pure Love, Frank will do his best to keep you entertained.

Their debut album Anthems is out now.



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